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  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Hormonal support
  • Digestive wellness & skin conditions
  • Living well after 50!
  • Shift Worker health support
  • Hair Analysis testing
  • MTHFR testing & support
  • Cancer support therapies
  • Personalised Herbal Tonics
My Story

I firmly believe that we should be able to feel vibrant and alive as we get older. Being over 50 should feel great!

We are wiser and more aware of the importance of taking care of our bodies and creating balance in our lives. I love helping my clients achieve this wellness and start to really enjoy this wonderful time of life.

My interest in natural therapies started in my early 20's when I suffered from my own ill health. I suffered from bout after bout of painful cystitis and became frustrated that doctors were unable to give me any real answers as to what was causing it.


After visiting my local Naturopath I was able to understand more about what was causing my problem and address it using diet and lifestyle changes. This was such a significant breakthrough for me that my children were raised with more contact with the Naturopath than the Doctor.


Seeing my family's health thrive under the guidance of our Naturopath inspired me to study natural methods of healing. I love now being able to help other families find answers and natural methods to heal their health conditions.


I really love helping my clients to find the cause of their health issues and providing guidance and support with natural therapies on their journey to feeling amazing again. Combining my knowledge and understanding of the human body and imbalances that life and environment can create, with body signs, Iridology and testing, we can create a treatment plan for Lifetime Wellness.

I use a combination of Nutrition, Herbal tonics, Practitioner only products, Flower Essences and Emotional support for a complete Holisitic Wellness plan.

Due to my husband working shift-work most of our married life I am very aware of the effect this disruption can have not only on his health but the rest of the family as well. I love being able to pass on my accumulated knowledge to other shift-worker families.


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