What is Naturopathy and how does this tie into nutrition?

​Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and health care that draws upon natural remedies and nutrition to promotes the body to heal itself. A key difference to the modern healthcare system is that it focuses on treating the cause of an illness rather than the symptoms themselves.


How can I benefit from a Naturopath who is also a fully qualified Nutritionist?

I’m passionate about helping you return to optimal health by improving your well-being through holistic health care. I spend time to help understand the cause of your symptoms using several diagnostic tools as well as listening to you tell your story.

I can provide personalised Herbal tonics, Practitioner only supplements, Flower essence remedies and Nutrition guidelines specific to your recovery.
I help you to design your PLAN to support lifetime WELLNESS!

What types of services do I provide?

  • ​Naturopathy
  • Nutrition plans
  • Hair Analysis Testing and Wellness
  • Planning
  • Personalised Herbal Remedies
  • Flower Essence Tinctures


I can help with:

Food intolerances
Diet for health
Food as medicine
Cancer recovery diet
Hormonal support
Digestive wellness and skin conditions