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4 Easy Steps To Making Sure Every Day Is A Good Day


I like to start the day with that thought and say out loud or in my head.

If you are not having a good day, you can change it in 4 steps.

4 STEPS TO A BETTER DAY 1) BREATHE DEEP Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths right into your belly.

2) BE GRATEFUL Think about all the things you are grateful for. Really feel the happiness and joy spreading throughout your body. Imagine sending that vibration out into the world so that you attract more of the same back to you.

3) VISUALISE YOUR DREAM LIFE Think about what you want to be grateful for and picture yourself already having it.

4) SAY TODAY IS A GOOD DAY Say out loud (or in your head) "today is a good day". Now open your eyes and go have a good day!!

You're welcome. Have a good day :)

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