About Jenny

My Story – Jenny Lynne



I grew up on a farm in country NSW, and looking back, I didn’t realize how much of a blessing it was. We lived naturally, spent our days outdoors, and mostly grew our own food. But when I left home for the city, I wanted to let loose and try other things ending up falling ill without knowing why. The doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, without any real success.

It wasn’t until I consulted a Naturopath that things began to make sense. She explained the root causes of my health issues and how to address them naturally, leading to a significant improvement in my well-being.

Fast forward several years, life got busy with kids and a job I didn’t enjoy. I found myself crying on my way home from work daily, because I wasn’t doing something that brought me any joy. So, we moved from NSW to QLD, and I reignited my passion for natural medicine. I had always wanted to study it and help others like I’d been helped at 22 when I was so unwell.

I’ve since pursued this path to change people’s lives. I help them understand how natural remedies, herbs, and holistic approaches can address root causes, rather than just masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals. It brings me immense joy, and I’ve found my true purpose in helping others find happiness and purpose in their lives through naturopathic means.

I work with all areas of the mind and body such as nutrition, sleep habits, lymphatic clearance, stress reduction and natural supplements that can unlock feelings of energy and joy for life.

If you are feeling low energy, suffering sleepless nights, not happy with your body weight, lost your feelings of joy and generally not happy with where your health is,now is the time to make a change. Don’t let these issues escalate into something worse and let’s be real here – life goes by very fast!

 Give me a call on 0401 492 783 and let’s have a chat to discuss what your needs are.