Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis Testing – optimising immunity and wellbeing

One strand of hair – results in 30 minutes – 30 page report

Hair is part of the skin system and develops from the same layer as the nervous
system in our body. This means it shares some characteristics with neurons when it
comes to sensing things.

The only living part of a hair is its root or bulb. It gets its nutrients and information
from tiny blood vessels under the skin.

Hair, including its bulb, acts like an antenna that senses signals from the environment, both small and large. It has a tiny muscle called the arrector pili, which is the smallest muscle in our body. This muscle constantly senses changes in temperature, pressure, vibrations, and frequencies in our surroundings.

When we’re shocked or scared, this muscle can make our hair stand on end. It also relaxes when we’re calm. It seems that it can even warn us about potential dangers. The muscle also helps regulate our body temperature by expanding and contracting. So, the hair’s root bulb stores information about the environment, which is connected to the arrector pili muscle.                                                               This epigenetic information can reveal potential nutritional problems even before they become physically apparent. It goes beyond what blood or tissue tests might
show. These “signature waves” carry important data and can indicate empty
nutritional reserves, even when conventional tests seem normal.

Understanding this information can help individuals take preventive steps to
address issues related to diet or exposure to toxins. It can be useful in
avoiding premature aging or performance problems by addressing potential
weaknesses or environmental factors like electromagnetic radiation or

These personalized reports empower people to optimize their well-being and
performance by acting on accumulated information about their health.


I can help with:

Food intolerances
Diet for health
Food as medicine
Cancer recovery diet
Hormonal support
Digestive wellness and skin conditions