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Slowly got myself into a healthier version of myself. Off all medication I was on. Jenny is amazing.

My Story...

For 4 years I suffered terribly from chest infections, which ended in Pneumonia on one occasion. Doctors prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic, cough mixtures and asthma medication. I tried all the home remedies as well, some kind of worked.

A friends daughter had visited the Salt Sanctuary for a nasty cough she had and had amazing results. I decided to try for my myself. So glad I did, I felt so much better in my chest after just one session.

I was speaking to the owner Jenny about my condition on that visit and I asked her about Naturopathy. She explained a lot of my problems stem from my gut health. I thought about all those antibiotics and other medications I had taken over those years and I took no probiotics to counteract.

I made an appointment with Jenny and she is amazing. I had to take a few herbal tonics and powders and slowly got myself into a healthier version of myself. Off all medication I was on and this is the best bit....... no coughing for 3 years.

Jenny is such a beautiful and caring person and genuinely cares about her clients.

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5 Star Review

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