Dry skin brushing is one of those things you have probably heard of and thought that it seemed a bit silly to be brushing your skin instead of your hair. I did too when I first heard about it and then I did some research. I wish I started when I was younger.

When you brush your skin with a firm stiff natural bristled brush you are essentially invigorating the skin, almost like you are waking it up and getting it to turn into a detoxing anti-aging powerhouse!

OK, so, I am a big fan. Why? It’s simple, natural and effective.
My skin feels better EVERY TIME I do all 3 steps.


  1. Dry brush your skin.
    Starting at your legs, arms and then trunk. Brush towards your heart to promote with circulation and lymphatic drainage. Use circular motions around your tummy and armpits. Don’t brush too hard. You don’t want to scratch the skin, just stimulate it.
  2. Shower.
    I use an exfoliating massaging mitt to help wash away an dead skin. I pay extra attention to any areas with cellulite to really get the circulation going in those areas. I also exfoliate my face (with an apricot scrub) every time I shower out of habit, but it can be just once a week.
  3. Moisturise with coconut oil while your skin is still damp.
    This helps lock in moisture and helps the skin to absorb the oil quickly. I use cold-pressed coconut oil that actually smells like coconut which I love even though it makes me hungry! You can use other oils or a regular chemical-free moisturiser.
    When the oil is absorbed your skin it will feel tighter, smoother and be glowing with goodness.

Dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry winter skin, opening up the pores and promotes tighter skin. It will will boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. With regular brushing, the additional blood flow to the skin will leave it looking more plumped and radiant. This naturally will reduce visible cellulite and ingrown hairs. This is not a magic pill, I don’t think anything really gets rid of cellulite altogether but anything that helps minimise it, is good in my books.

Honestly, my skin feels amazing when I dry brush, and not great when I forget to do it. When I do it daily for extended periods, I feel like my skin looks and feels healthier.

I just wish I started doing this in my twenties. And ate healthier. And stayed out of the sun. And drank 2 liters of water every day. And exercised 1 hour every day…. OK. I will start my good habits routine again…..NOW!!

Let me know how dry brushing works for you.