When you see that Tiger…. ex-boyfriend…. Bill….. {Insert your stress here}, the way you react can launch a series of chemical reactions that effect you body and mind so fast that you are basically digging yourself an early grave. You can make it better in a heartbeat. Just meditate and slow that heartbeat down.

But first here is what stress is doing to you:

Digestion will flood with acid to shut down digestion because you need all hands on deck to fight or flight from the tiger. Feelings of nausea.

Acid seeps into the skin so we don’t taste good.

Our bladder and bowels empty so we can be light on our feet. Nervous poo anyone?

Your immune system becomes a lower priority because your body wants to outrun the tiger, not cancer.

Your adrenaline levels increase and so do your cortisol levels, which are both acidic in nature, so what you are really doing is accelerating ageing.

We can’t be at the top of our game when we are in a stressful state. So what can you do?

Breathwork and meditation. With concentrated breathing and meditation we can reduce adrenaline & cortisol and increase dopamine and serotonin = Bliss!

Lengthen your telomeres and reduce your body age!

Thank you to Mark Hyman MD and ‘Broken Brain’.